10 April, 2020

How to Build a Successful Consultation App? There’s an Idea for that! Actually, There Are 3!

No matter whatever the business one may be in, direct and effective communication is the key that’s responsible for the growth of the business.

The demand for consultations has always been in the range regardless of business domains, right from doctor consultation to finance to coaching. With the rise of online impact and on-demand services, consultation services had its chance to boost the consulting business by going global.

Although most of the consultation apps or software are armed with default features like appointment scheduling, calendar, and reminders on appointments.

The days of traditional consultations, right from scheduling the appointment and getting ready for in-person consultation are gone. People demand instant solutions and on-demand services.

So from the above infographic, it’s much clearer that a consultation application is not perfect without having any feature that creates direct communication within the consultation app users.

To make sure the fact that these features will help the consultant and clients, let’s go over how does it work for various consulting software in the market.

How Does In-App Communication Features Work for Various Consultation Apps

Let’s Start with Doctor-patient Consultation Apps

It all starts with just a tap of the button. Giving the opportunity for patients to consult with doctors right from your couch is a great innovation. Well, all the credits to the technology and development companies who urge to develop such doctor-patient consultation apps.

To add an extra bit of worthiness to the doctor-patient consultation apps, the consultation app development companies can include real-time features like video calling, voice calling, one-to-one chat, file sharing to increase interactiveness between the doctors and patients.

Some Effective Benefits That Doctor-patient Consultation Apps Can Experience

  • More than scheduling appointments, creating online interaction chances such as individual chat, group chat can increase the retention of the consultation app.
  • To increase the trustworthiness of the software and getting the solution instantly, video chat between doctors and patients can reduce the traveling cost and get treatments instantly.
  • A VoIP based voice calling feature within the consultation app can be cost-effective and reduce the burden of Call/SMS charges.
  • To improve the treatment, the sharing of prescriptions to patients after the call can increase the diagnosis.

Now, It’s the Educational Consultant Apps

“A successful project presentation is dependent on effective project consultation and interaction between the students and professors.”

Offering a real-time learning experience is what the most of educational consultations urges to. To make this more easy and comfortable, direct communication with the prospect is the key strategy. Let’s start with what’re the benefits an educational or coaching consultation app can yield by implementing real-time communication mediums.

Benefits of Training Course Consultation Apps with Real-time Interactive Features

  • Creating an opportunity for students to engage with staff and professors through real-time chat can sort any type of doubts right at any time and date.
  • Going global is another way to reach geographical students within the app through video or voice calls to make the consultation more effective.
  • Sharing of notes, videos, training courses through consultation software is another key strategy to improve the business of your training consultation apps.

It’s Time For Business Consultation Apps

“Advisory is all about connecting the strategic knowledge and People effectively.”

Talking to the prospects, maintaining the schedule and going in-person is one of the traditional processes that none of the prospects expect. Online consultation has taken over the entire business of consultations and it applies for business consultation too. A business consultation app with booking and scheduling the appointment isn’t enough, it’s all about establishing relationships and knowledge with the prospects.

Effective Benefits of Business Consultation Apps with Interactive Features

  • Client management is made simple where your app can reach the clients right from any device through video or voice calls.
  • Reaching out to a vast client across the globe base from your desk through video conferencing is a boon where all your travel expenses are cut down.
  • Remind your clients about the events with push notification and broadcasting messages right from the app.

Continuing with Fitness Consultation Apps

“Powerful personal fitness training is more than being in-person.”

Instant conversation (In-app communication) with the fitness members is the prime idea to increase the fitness consultation business. Other than maintaining a track record of the body, daily exercises, keeping up daily interaction is the key.

Benefits of Having Interactive Features Into Fitness Consultation App

  • Increases personalized tracking of members with private and group chatting within the app.
  • Ability to offer instant instruction to users from trainers through video chat and VoIP-based calling.
  • Reduces the travel cost where one the remote and online consultant increases.

It’s the Personal Finance Consultation Apps

“An improper advisory in finance consultation May lead to non-functional of any organization.”

Financial advice can transform the major growth of any organization irrespective of size. Most of the financial services held with handling data of income, taxes, funds, and pipeline of investment is a major process that has to be explained in person, but not all the time. The financial advisors handle a large number of clients were traveling from one office to another isn’t possible always, there has to be some reliable tool to convey it to the clients.

Let’s articulate some of the benefits one Gets With Real-time Interactive Tools

  • The financial advisors can handle quite a large number of clients from their desks through video and voice calls.
  • Sharing of insightful data such as taxes, investment is possible through secure file sharing within the consultation app.

Now, Ready To Boost Up Your Consultation App with Real-time Communication?

We’ve discussed how the In-App chat will transform most business consultation app across all domains. There are quite a lot of industries left out that can get benefited from online chat within the consultation software and App.

Transform Your Consultation App’s Worth With an Enterprise Chat Solution

MirrorFly, an enterprise chat solution with customizable in-app chat functionalities and communication mediums such as text, video and voice chat. The enterprise chat solution is armed customizable API and SDKs to integrate chat into your consultation apps and redefine the communication between the users and consultants.

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Masilamani Murugan leads the Digital Marketing team at Contus. He is interested in strategy planning for digital marketing initiatives. He loves to be fit and is a workout freak.


  1. Avatarjohn Reply

    Hi My name is John, I am working on the development of a new mobile app for a startup on Uk. The scope of the project includes a functionality for users to request a video call with one of our medical specialists. Just to clarify, the complete flow is the following:
    1. Users requests a call. The app displays a list of available doctors and their schedules.
    2. User pick a schedule and must perform and anticipated payment.
    3. Once payment is confirmed, both user and doctor receive an email with the details of the meeting. This email should include instructions to join the video call.
    4. Once the call is completed user receives an email with summary of the meeting and further instructions.

    We are looking for a provider for the videocall functionality and would like to know If your service can meet the requirements.

    1. Calls would have an average duration of 45 minutes and rarely exceed the hour. Anyways the call should be terminated.
    2. The user will join the meeting from his cell phone. He should not be required to download other app.
    3. Doctor should join meeting from his phone too. However, if your service could allow him to join from a pc too would be great. Some additional questions that we are interested in are: • ¿Does your service include a channel for support? ¿Do you have a team that could answer requests on Spanish?

    • What pricing plans do you have? Our app will be released in a couple of months. We expect a flow of no more than a thousand videocalls per month for the first months.
    • The app is developed on Expo (a hybrid framework for mobile development) and will be released for Android an IOs. Does your service provide an API? An SDK?
    • Have you measure performance on South America territory? What is the required bandwidth for a fluid videocall?

    I await your response

    Many thanks

  2. AvatarNagireddy Reply

    Dear Team,
    Let us know the pricing details of in-app voice / video / text chat feature. We are building a new app for consultations and these features are required.

  3. Avatarbrian Reply

    we are a service provider where we bring consultants together with our clients who require support. Our need is to be able to provide our clients with the ability to speak with consultatants on a pay per min basis using video chats and we will be paid a small amount of the per min fee

  4. AvatarTejsin Reply

    Hi, We are developing end to end digital work management platform for business. For now, our app doesn’t have video call, conferencing etc. We want to add these features, quickly. So, want to discuss your comments and proposal. Have a nice day,

  5. AvatarCoetzer Reply

    We need live stream chat support as well as in-app messaging for a future project we are working on. The live stream chat needs to cater for one-on-one chats, channel chats, group chats and private channel chats. Time is of an essence to please get back to us ASAP

  6. Avatarhassan Reply

    We want your chat & voice API access for our upcoming telemedicine app development project. Please update us on your documentation and pricing. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  7. Avatargandhi Reply

    Want to integrate MirrorFly API to our Android App and Web product for teachers to be able to deliver virtual lectures and hold counseling sessions. There will be about 200 students simultaneously taking a class/attending sessions

  8. AvatarNicholas Reply

    Hello, currently we are developing our own internal chat app that specifically cater for health industry. We have experienced doing a full customization chat app on Pubnub (HIPPA compliance) and also Qiscus under React Native for few of our clients. We would like to ask few questions: 1. is this solution similar to Pubnub? 2. how does it compare? the SDK offered all the features that you mentioned on the website? 3. is this HIPPA Compliance solution? 4. it can be installed on-premise? 5. what’s the pricing package? 6. what’s the technology being used in mirrorfly? thanks!

  9. AvatarAmy Johnston Reply

    my business needs an in-built chat app for best customer experience. We need to be able to add and remove members from a group chat in real time. We need a CHAT API that we can leverage on that provides, text, voice, video, notifications, etc. could you help me ASAP

  10. AvatarLindsay Allmand Reply

    Hello, I am looking to build an international web app that would allow to have multiple group video calls (up to 7 participants in each group). does your API support that? what would be the pricing for that? thank you.

  11. AvatarEl Shukr Reply

    We are looking to build a chat app for mobile and web to use in education and not for profit organizations.

  12. AvatarGraham Reply

    We are in the process of building a scheduling application in the education sector. We would like to add the functionality of video chat between users, and this seems to fit what we are looking for!

  13. Avatarpreetkunal Reply

    I want to make an doctor patient consultation app with features like video calls and audio calls. I wanted to know if there is an option where I can make a POC using your service and if it suits, then further go with the billing and other stuff?

  14. Avatarchrist Reply

    Hello, I am christ from whatnext. We are working on a project with the Roche Pharma and we are looking for a solution to offer a video conferencing service to Roche’s customers. This future service will have a worldwide coverage and it expect an important number of sessions. In the process to find a provider, we have selected your services as a candidate. But, before to plan a demo, we would need to solve some doubts. Please find below a list of questions: -Is it possible to integrate it with our systems, how does it work? Do you have an SDK or an API? Any kind of documentation you can share with us, would be great. -Does it support integration with web apps and mobile apps? -About customization, if integration is possible can we embed it into our apps and customize the look and feel? -How many clients do you have? -Do you have any presence in Europe and US? -Is your service HIPPA and GDPR Compliance? -Is possible to integrate your services with Identity solutions such as Gigya? -In the case that we need to share sensitive data with your system, do you have any system to ensure the data privacy? -Does your services support Billing services? -Does your services support register text information during the video conference? How are these things saved? -Does your services support Payments integration, which one? -Does your services support chat? -Does your services include calendar with appointments? We will appreciate if you could answer these questions before to have a demo and please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further information.

  15. Avatarsashabrain Reply

    Hi, We are building an educational platform and considering using your video conferencing service Our service is going to provided from UAE, As we know some video and audio services are not working in UAE due to some regulations maybe So the question is, does your video and audio service work in UAE and Saudia Arabia reliably? Thanks

  16. AvatarMichael Olalere Reply

    I would like to build an app with for personal trainer to train client in real time via video conference, one to one option or group option. Client can buy monthly packages or single training packages. Trainers can manage their payment, schedule and receive tips on the app as well. Please let me know if that’s possible

  17. Avatarren Reply

    We are seeking a solid In-App Chatting SDK for fitness usage. Besides the basic chatting function, we also need a booking system for fitness trainers to schedule their available time. I am writing to you to ask if mirrorfly can fit our requirements? Thank you

  18. AvatarKunal deep Reply

    We want to integrate voice and video call into our telemedicine app, where users can with a number or any means reach a doctor, conference call. What will be the cost for this feature and please share your pricing details ASAP

  19. AvatarPaul whitehead Reply


    I have a fitness app similar to a “Calorie Trackers” I need the following features in my app

    1. Create a community channel with in-app chat communication
    2.In-App subscriptions of 1 month, 3 months or 12 months.
    3.Push-notifications options for sharing diet chart daily basis

    let me know you have the features are in Mirrorfly.

    Thanks in advance

  20. AvatarSachin Kale Reply

    Nice Article.
    Also Visit: meddco where you can book an appointment with doctor online also you can find surgery packages at affordable prices.

  21. AvatarMerlin Reply

    I’d like congress to author for updating this article ,but you are mentioned features only your article,please explain more how to integrate real-time communication features in fitness app.i’m waiting for your response

    1. MasiMasi Post author Reply

      Hi Merlin, thanks a lot for taking the time to write this comment, next post will cover all your mentioned queries

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