19 January, 2022
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6 Essential Tips To Implement In-app Chat Into Your Gaming Applications

Gaming Industry! One of the booming industries that has spread its roots across the world and has influenced the millennials throughout. All this has been made possible with the use of an in-App chat solution which is the key behind the success of this gaming industry.

In-App Chat Solution: A Future Vision of Gaming Industry 

However, when it comes to the real-time chat for gaming the contribution of an in-app chat solution is something uncountable and incomparable. Gaming industry utilizes these in-app chat solutions to the core, as here all its features are very much needed that can improve its popularity in the current situation.

When an inapp chat API is integrated into a gaming application, it allows the players to communicate via text or voice eventually, increasing  the level of interaction among the players.

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In this article let’s see some tips of in-app chat solutions that, when implemented into a gaming application, creates a great impact on the growth of the business.

6 Tips: Enhance Your Gaming Application with Real Time Chat Solution 

As we all know that the gaming industry is all about fun and entertainment with an immense level of competition all around the global marketplace, it is very important to check out for some essential tips that can make your application unique. Some of the tips that can idealize your gaming application when implemented,

1. Player to Player Interaction

Well, every game needs players and the effective team interaction among these players can get over any fear of losing the game. Interaction can be in any form but the most common mode is the term text messaging that reminds us about the early day conversation, where you need to wait for a reply from the other end user. But today, interacting via real time messaging platform is something mostly appreciable. 

This is so as here you can communicate with several people simultaneously across the board with instant text messaging and can have a regular track over the conversation.

Even this feature has been enhanced with an additional quality of notifying about the message when received by the user.

2. Interactive Voice Calling for better Gaming experience

Gaming application is a platform that is wide open to several modes of communication. Henceforth, other than text communication you can go for voice calling, this can be the most enhanced part in any gaming application where the players can interact with other players via voice despite being at a different locality

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With the use of this feature in game applications such as PUBG, where one player instructs the other player about the upcoming obstacles or attacks and saves the life of that player and vice versa.

3. Increase Popularity by Embracing connection with people across the world

However, a game creates excitement only when there is an involvement of several players. Henceforth, looking out for something that can connect an infinite number of people across the world concurrently can get you a better number of audience.

Eventually, this feature can improve the popularity of any gaming application and automatically grab the attention of people.

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4. Support Multiple Devices

For any gaming application to be unique, it is important for it to be the most adaptable in nature, i.e., the in-app chat applications are built in such a way that it can be integrated into any type of device such as iOS, Android, and web application. 

As they work well with both instant chat messaging as well as voice interaction, it is liked and appreciated by people despite age.

5. Increase Downloading Application

The reach of any web application can be traced with certain criteria such as popularity, branding, and word of mouth. These are some of the essentials that can have an immediate impact over the number of downloads with regards to any application. Now, you might think as to how to be popular among so many competitors. Well, there is a quote “Be unique and stand out from the crowd.” 

That’s right, You got it! Mark your presence with some uniqueness in the features when it comes to your gaming application. Your unique feature will make your brand more recognizable among the people and if the people get impressed then their word of mouth is more than enough to grab a huge number of people across the world. And they will start downloading your gaming application

If we talk about the same concept over the gaming application, then here we go,

Well to start with, in today’s hectic lifestyle everybody needs some time for themselves to relax. For that people prefer to do something where they can engage their time as well as get connected with people around. 

When it comes to online games, to enjoy an interactive mode of play, the players have to buy these gaming applications. Since these applications are integrated with special features of voice and instant chat messaging, they tend to be more interactive in terms of engaging players globally. Eventually, gain people’s recognition to have them downloaded.

PUBG and Candy Crush Saga are some of the gaming applications that have been downloaded in huge numbers around the world to stay connected and engaged for a long time with an increase in the revenue of business that has been explained in tip 6.

6. Making Millions of Revenue

The objective of every gaming application is to generate revenue and if you are thinking as to how is that possible? Then, I suggest you implement the above five tips in your business to see the results. But of course, the 5th tip is the key among all others and is something that must be followed to achieve success in terms of revenue.  

As the in-app chat, video, and voice are the future of gaming applications, they tend to be implemented in such a way that their branding must encourage people to go ahead with downloading. 

Engaging a huge number of players concurrently across the world and making them interact via voice and text messaging can increase the high rate of revenue. Fortnite is one of the game applications that has generated a huge amount of revenue because of their outstanding features of APIs and SDKs.

Ready to Build Your Own In-Game Chat App? We are Here to Support


Hence, it is clear that in-game chat apps have made gaming more accessible and social than ever! Furthermore, with the upsurge of multiplayer games synced with social networking sites, gaming platforms have certainly found a great way to build the brand’s community. So, are you as a developer considering to get messaging API for gaming apps? or Do you intent to build an in-game chat solution for gaming or integrate a text or voice chat for the gaming app?

If yes, then get connected with an expert at MirrorFly – a white-label chat solution to build an instant messaging app for any type of gaming platform with features & customizations that works on Web Applications, Android as well as iOS.

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