1 March, 2021

HIPAA Compliance – Why It Plays a Major Role in Protecting Data Privacy in Healthcare Chat Apps?

How you would intake the feeling if someone explains randomly about your health issue and the proceeding treatment for it?

Well, this pretends you to doubt your doctor or the hospital.

This is how the action of privacy rules and security comes into account.

Ensuring the information is secure from the leakage to any unauthorized access is significant regardless of the industry. Healthcare organization is no less compared to other industries.

Nowadays, we are more convinced that our “day-to-day living” is made easy with a quite huge number of healthcare apps, but the healthcare apps have their pitfalls as well

Blocking the Loopholes in the Healthcare Security Breaches

As we discussed earlier, these apps have a couple of setbacks in protecting, maintaining medical records and personal information of the patients. To block such loopholes, the United States Congress introduced HIPAA Act (Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act) in the year 1996. The act was invented to the potential for the healthcare apps with the overall security for the medical reports and personal information of the patients.

The Significant Things You Should Know About HIPAA Compliance

The prime privacy rules of HIPAA compliance covers the entities as well as the business associations. It describes what qualifies as per PHI (Protected Health Information) and the person responsible for not going to leak the information. The security rules of medical data are associated with certain protective factors were storing or transmitting medical information through electronic devices and safeguarding the guideline of PHI.

Protection Methods Categorized As Per the Guidelines

  • Administrative
  • Physical
  • Technical

Some Most Common HIPAA Violations That Are Occurred in the Healthcare Industry:

Hippa Violations chart
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Breach
  • Stolen Computers, Smartphones & other devices
  • Sending PHI to other patients
  • Malware or cyberattack or hackings
  • Social Media Post
  • Office Break-in

As most of the healthcare apps implement a certain set of security layers. When it comes to healthcare communication apps which is completely enhancing the culture of healthcare communication into a different level. As the unsecured communication with patients can result in HIPAA violation which will cause penalties up to $50,000 per incident which has to be protected.

“In a survey, it is found that 89% of respondents admitted to use 3 to 4 chat apps to communicate more effectively with patients and co-workers.”

Here, we have mentioned some factors that are responsible for securing the medical information transmitted in healthcare communication apps.

Factors Responsible for Securing a Healthcare Chat App From Being HIPAA Violated

  • User Authentication System Should Be Unique
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Encryption of Data
  • HIPAA Compliance Certification

User Authentication System Should Be Unique

As technology drives positively, the chances of looming threats increases. User authentication is one of the key strategies to safeguard logging off the app from unauthorized access. Although, this is the most basic technology that most of the chat app providers possess.

Secure Infrastructure

Whatever the number of users, the healthcare chat app must have the potential to withstand the communication risk carried between both the servers. Healthcare communication platform is one of its kinds where the security against breaches is high. A secure infrastructure whether its on-premises or on-cloud hosting should have the capability to solve the healthcare biggest communication risks.

healthcare chat app Secure Infrastructure

Encryption of Data

Sharing of files, texts, reports are the major actions carried in a healthcare chat app. Encryption of messages that are transmitted from several devices over different networks is stored. End-to-end encryption is the key to store the data on the device temporarily and transmitting to other users or devices where only the user can access it. This heightens the value of security in healthcare chat apps.

HIPAA Compliance Certification

HIPAA Compliance Certification for chat app

As some of the healthcare chat app providers in the market fail in implementing HIPAA compliant Applications, thus their security and privacy levels are low. The repercussions of non-compliance to HIPAA could lead to leakage of medical reports which will end up in a great deal of penalties to the healthcare application.

“The non-compliance to HIPAA policy is a great deal for paying the penalties in thousand of dollars and loss of your healthcare reputation.”

So, what’s the ideal way to secure & manage your healthcare communication under one roof?

Counting on a superlative healthcare chat app providers with HIPAA Compliant is the genuine idea that every healthcare organization must possess to secure their communication with patients.

Right from Texting to Video Calling with Patients, Don’t Get Caught on Hackers Sight

10+ years of accomplishments in the real-time communication industry, MirrorFly ensures to solve the biggest communication threats in the healthcare industry with a communication solution. With HIPAA compliance, MirrorFly understands the security threats to help by protecting your healthcare apps and creating a secure healthcare communication platform for your doctors and patients to communicate effectively. Driving better patient outcomes with better communication is what every healthcare organization urges.


Parthiba is a Product Marketer, helping providers of the various industries like healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive better communication experience.


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    Hey there, we’re weighing up building a chat app in-house vs a white-label solution. We’d need to extend the app to sync communication with a 3rd party server. We’d also eventually need HIPAA compliance. Would you be able to give me an indication of how much this would cost please? Thanks, Brendan

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