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Real Time Messaging -The future of Healthcare’s Communication to drive better Patient Care

A study found that 48% of malpractice claims that is, out of 23,000 medical malpractice claims, 7,000 of them were the result of lack of proper communication among doctors, medical professionals and patients.

Successful patient care solely depends on authentic & uninterrupted communication behind the healthcare networks (Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Pharmacy Technician and Medical Assistant.

So, how often you speak with your doctor or Medical Consultant?

Maybe once in a week?

At least once in a month?

Alas! This seems to be so shabby.

But what stops you from doing so?

Waiting in the lobby for more than 30 minutes or even in hours?
Covering quite a long distance approx 25 to 40 miles to the hospital for having a conversation with a doctor hardly not more than 15 minutes?

Probably, everything counts in.

Thus, poor communication or little communication can be blamed for the failures in the healthcare system. As technology helps to share everything right from data and enhanced how we communicate with each other, then why not the healthcare ecosystem utilize the real-time communication power to streamline the healthcare chain.

Dear healthcare organizations take actions seriously, else you will end up in something worse than ever;

According to Dr. Woodson, Medical errors cause up to 400,000 deaths per year where 80% of the losses are due to miscommunication between the caregivers and patients during the transition of treatment.

It don’t stop with only with harming patients, hospitals are set to lose $12 billion per year, i.e., approx 2% of actual revenue.

Healthcare’s Biggest Communication Problems

Shortcomings That Today’s Medical Organization Encounters

Now let us take this conversation deeper to bring out some insightful challenges and shortcomings that today’s healthcare organization faces.

tick-iconThe communication resource between healthcare professionals and patients are limited

Patients are highly engaged with day-job and running lifestyle where the patients expect access to the complicated medical information instantly. Healthcare organizations don’t have the potential medium, media channels or social interactivity to create an opportunity to share multiple sources of information on treatments and diagnosis.

tick-iconDoctors are always applauded for their passion towards saving lives, but not for communicating with patients to provide the utmost care

Most of the professionals, especially doctors are strapped for the time which is major consecutive for not having an immense conversation with patients. Though patients are more accessible to online resources, they expect doctors and healthcare professionals to put one-step ahead to satisfy their inquiry instantly through real-time messaging possibility.

tick-iconRegulatory changes in healthcare communication to gain trust among the patients

Navigation of disease and treatment-related communication over digital channels is unsurprisingly not the safest strategy for organizations. On frequent changes in healthcare regulatory, transparency of information transfer to patients or other person is not applicable without GDPR and HIPAA violation on the particular medium you transfer.

tick-iconPatients don’t get their own treatment records through collaborating with Nurses & Physicians

With the rise of EHRs, access to medical reports to patients is a never happening thing. Patients who access to their own records pushed to involve outdated strategy and face cumbersome method. Patients have to wait quite a long period of time and get in touch with nurses and physicians for several times to access their clinical notes. Granting access to treatment records or sharing of the clinical notes with patients improve the adherence to medication by around 60%.

Now, How to Fix the Causes of Breakdowns?

So, opting for a secure communication platform for the entire conversation taking place between doctors and patients is the right action.

Isn’t it?

All right! Real-Time Chat platform is the ideal remedy for the all the communication lacks in the healthcare ecosystem!

healthcare ecosystem

MirrorFly brings patient, doctors and healthcare professionals into a closer conversation in real-time. MirrorFly – a real-time enterprise chat solution customizable to any extent of features and functionalities irrespective of platforms. Moreover, when it comes to healthcare communication, MirrorFly’s ensures to offer every possible communication opportunity right from Doctors to Patients, Nurses to Patients, Doctors to doctors and so on.

With some many communication possibilities, you can integrate MirrorFly healthcare solution to ensure Real-time Text, Video and Voice communication with file sharing and conferencing features.

Here is what you can discover on how MirrorFly can improve the communication throughout and beyond the hospitals.

Discover Diverse Communication Possibility Throughout & Beyond Healthcare Organizations’ Network

Doctor to Patient In-App Communication

  • Provides crisp & clear audio while noisy construction environment.
  • The solution brings doctor and patient into a closer contact through a real-time chat platform.
  • With sharing feature, enable doctors to share medical reports, X-rays to get diagnosis and treatments.
  • Most significantly, doctors can improve patient satisfaction by making video calls.
  • With Mirrorfly’s Chat API and SDKs you can build in-app messaging to empower patients to reach out to you in your app.

Doctor to Patient Communication

Doctor to Patient Communication

Physicians, Nurses & Patients Communication

  • Right from Physicians and Nurses, patients can get the best possible care from care-givers with 24×7 messaging possibility.
  • Improve the clinical communication, productivity and quality of the care from nurses with hosting video calls and messages to patients from any time with any device.
  • Tracking of patients records by physicians and nurses is reduced by 72% where the care-givers can concentrate more on providing better care to patients.

Healthcare Internal Organization’ Communication

  • With our solution create a communication hub for staffs from lower-order to specialist within one chat app.
  • Let doctors and executives to enlighten the care coordinators with video and audio conferencing.
  • Reduce the hospital cost by millions of dollars by creating an effective communication platform to strategize the communication flow.
Internal Organization’ Communication
HIPAA Security

HIPAA Compliance Chat API Solution

  • Sustain the value of your organizations’ information with HIPAA enabled the secure messaging platform to gain trust and reliability of the hospital.
  • Reduce the administrative and paper-works of the entire healthcare organization through the sharing of files to patients in real-time.
  • Safeguard entire work-flow of the healthcare that is conveyed through Digital transmission with a robust security infrastructure.
  • Mirrorfly’s HIPAA compliant chat framework makes building in-app chat fast, and easy.

Everything You Need to Grow the Communication in Your Healthcare Organization

Today most of the savvy hospitals try to take the productivity and process of the hospital to next-level through technology establishment. An enterprise chat solution can be the ideal way that can assist every hospital and clinical organization to take full advantage of clinical communication with highly secure and accessible by every patient, staff and doctors across the healthcare network. Choosing the right solution provider can bridge the communication loops in the healthcare industry and deliver better patient care.

Doctor-patient Communication

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