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MirrorFly Product Update July 2019 – CallKit API Libraries

callkit release

Here’s What New In Mirrorfly This Month – July 2019

Handle multiple operations while making video and voice calls within Mirrorfly’s iOS App. We’ve added CallKit Integration into Mirrorflys’ iOS application. Oh, yeah now we’ve won Vince Lombardi’s words, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”. A sneak peek on what’s coming for all our clientele; a new CallKit API for Mirrorfly’s Chat APIs & SDKs.

Introducing iOS CallKit API for Video & Voice Support in iOS Apps

ios callkit for chat

As individuals or business professionals, we’ve come to some certain expectation on making multiple operations within our mobile while having video/voice call interactions with colleagues or friends.

To put it in simple, the icky situation when all your Skype calls are locked on the same call screen which is unbearable to make other operations (background activities) during calls. With Mirrorfly’s CallKit API, achieve the personalization and oh-so-good calling experience on iOS chat apps.

Here’s How the CallKit API Works:

Whether it’s an incoming or outgoing video call within your iOS apps, once it’s accepted by the user, the Callkit delegates the incoming call and handles the subsequent actions made on the screen without affecting the ongoing calls.


You’ll be able to make independent operations while having audio calls. With smart Callkit APIs, make multiple actions as per your wish during a persistent audio call with friends or business calls.

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