27 September, 2021

Build a White label Video Chat App : Features, Monitizations, Types & Techstack

From the past few years, Video calling technology has become an essential part of every business, or can say that most of the businesses literally rely on its usage to fulfill their customer’s needs. 

The growing demand of these video calling apps have grabbed the attention of many free standing developers who desire to create their own video calling  application.

Having all this together, this article has been created as a complete guidance, covering the current market condition, key features, and related development strategy with respect to build a video chat app, that a developer must know before proceeding further.

Now, Let’s start over with current market condition.

Present Video Conference App Market Says, It’s Worthy!

Realtime video chat! We rock the Market

Today the current situation has made the companies to depend a lot on video conference apps for their business and personal interactions. A recent study shows that the usage of video chat apps has been increased, valuing at $3.85 billion in 2019, forecasted to be with a CAGR of 9.9% from 2020 to 2027.

video conference market size

Moreover, to build chat platform the developers need to do a lot of research pertaining to the scenarios to enhance the features and functionalities depending on end-users’ need across any domain. 

Let’s Have a Look at Some of the Key Market Players

popular video calling app

1. Skype ‘A free tool, ever choice’ 

Skype offers the utmost colonist video calling tools available on both iOS and Android for free face-to-face conversation with over 300 million monthly active users. All this in a secure encrypted manner with the option of call recording, screen sharing, etc.

2. WhatsApp ‘Most Elegance yet Powerful’

With over 1.6 billion active users WhatsApp is the most famous messaging brand in the market with maximum security options in terms of messaging, video calling, voice calling, and file sharing.

3. Viber – ‘A Vast Approach’

Viber being in the market for a decade since 2010, it has been considered more substantial when compared to skype highlighting maximum security when it comes to video conference calling, with the option of call transfer to desktop/phone, turning around camera, etc.

4. Zoom – ‘All under a single roof of Secure Connection

Zoom is considered to be the simplest and most reliable mode for videocalling apps. It supports a variety of use cases from education, business with over 4.3 million active users.

5. Google Duo ‘everlasting Free Video Chat Platform’

Google Duo is the simplest yet with high-end non compromising quality available for video chat app for Android ,iOS and Web Plaforms etc., with a reach of over 1 billion downloads.

6. FaceTime ‘two-in-one, iOS

FaceTime is a video-telephony chat app developed by Apple in the year 2010. It supports video chat apps for iOS mobile devices and Mac with any forward-facing camera. 

7. Houseparty App ‘Non-stop Social Gathering’

Houseparty is the fourth most popular face-to-face social networking app with the best in quality video conferencing call feature on the App store which is followed by over millions of users who are fond of social media.

However, the above were just the glimpse of video calling app providers, but there much to look out for among real time video chat platform.

Hint: The Next Session Covers the Key Steps Needed As How To Build Video Chat App

Key Steps To Create Video Calling App Android, iOS Platforms

Journey as How To Integrate Video Calling into Website

If you ever want to spread your wings around this lucrative market, then it is must for you to create a video chat web app considering the below key steps.

Key Step 1: Read the End-users Mind

For any business it is compulsory to understand the needs of targeted audiences with a need to analyze what they really expect from you?

According to a survey it has been found that around 36% of millenials make use of visual expressions via emojis, stickers, and filters while communicating. But, still they prioritize an app in terms of security and scalability measures. they mostly prefer video chat for websites and businesses to reach their clients ensuring confidentiality in their interaction. This was the case with the healthcare industry, legal practices, and online banking. 

Therefore, communication is the key factor that has to be considered when planning to launch or video call integration websites and mobile apps.

Key Step 2: Be Clear with What Key features You Need For Your Video Chat Application

While build android chat app, you have to be clear with the vision of what you want in your application in terms of features and functionalities. This is so as the integration of too many features sometimes, may affect the user experience. 

Thus, it’s always better to prepare a list of basic components before create a video chat app .some of the key features includes

create video chat app android & ios

1. User Registration

Every video chat platform begins with a user registration screen. This is so as mostly, the users feel too impatient to fill out large forms. Instead this feature requires less information to make the registration. Even here, you can add the most needed fields such as name, email address, contact numbers, etc. Furthermore, if needed can embed your app with the other social media networks for a better and easier sign up system.

best video chat platform user registration

2. Manage Your Profile

This features talks about displaying the basic user information on the profile. The option does vary from identifying the user’s location to providing a short bio. Moreover, it also provides an additional option of adding images, contact details, and some other as mandatory for privacy purpose.

video call profile optimization

3. Search & Add unlimited Contacts

This feature allows you to search for contacts and add them to your video chat app. But, this requires two functions to be carried out

  • Need to perform search engine for easy navigation and identifying the contacts via username or real name
  • integration of contacts from user’s phonebook
add contacts video chat app

4. Status Notification

This feature provides the online status of the user with indicators like available, ideal, busy, on work, etc. Even, it will specify the users online visibility with a green color notification or else provide last logged in time.

video calling app notification

5. Chat Communication

Real-time chat feature speaks about the most standard option of “interaction via texting.” This option is utilized by the businesses whenever there is a network issue as texting messages ensures the utilization of efficiency of the workplace.

6. Video and Audio Calls

Apart from messaging, it is always better to have video and audio facilities available in a real time video chat application. For any real time messaging application to be on the page with others must have both voice and video features in it. However, the video chats features and audio call features do rely on each other .

7. Group Calling

It enables the user to create a group and perform a group video chat via the video conference app with about 50 active users participants across the world. During the video conferencing, the people can also perform communication via text messages simultaneously to make the session more interactive.

Build a group wheelable video chat app for android & iOS Platform

8. End-to-end Encryption

End-to-end Encryption enables the user to have their interactions with end-to-end safety and security.  These security measures involve protocols such as AES-256 and HMAC-SHA256.which can make any conversation the most secure one by splitting them into 256 bit long blocks.

9. Push Notification

This feature will automatically give an instant check over by informing the user about arrival of new messages in the chat, missed calls, updates, and much more. This eventually improves the user engagement with a very minimum effort.

10. Unlimited Screen Sharing

It enables the user to illustrate the contents of your screen without creating issues among others. With business conferencing apps, the client interactions are carried out with sharing of reports and analytics with the clients.

Key Step 3: Creating UI/UX Design

Every application speaks the first word of impression with its appearance. Thus, an innovative cum intuitive UI/UX design can build video chat app to be more elegant and approachable. 

When it comes to design, your video conferencing app for mobile should be minimal and contextual as it elevates and enhances the most in users experience.

Key Step 4: Evolution and Testing

  • Back-end development is a process which determines the core function of any app. Mostly, the developers work on the app servers, web servers to build their database. But, this platform gets you the option to build the back end from scratch supporting high-end flexibility for the better end result.
  • WebRTC is the one of the most real-time protocols that permits the users to connect or stream audio and video based apps. In other words, it’s a technology that supports real-time communication for mobile as well as web apps with a wide range of APIs.

Anyhow, these steps are the most important steps needed to build a custom video conferencing solution in particular.

Now, let’s see how does CONTUS MirrorFly contributes to the entire situation

Technological Stacks that You Could Have Ever Experienced!

Technology says everything is possible in No Time

Whenever you think of building a white label video chat app, the next consecutive query you must ask for is “what are the technical stack required” to create a video chat app. Let’s have a look at in detail

Top tech stacks for creating video chat app

Programming Languages

  1. Swift – Swift is an intuitive, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language from macOS, iOS, watchOS, tacos and much more.
  2. Kotlin – Kotlin is an open-source, “pragmatic” programming language that has been initially designed for the Java Virtual Machine and Android.
  3. Java – Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language that is designed with lesser implementation dependencies.


  • Node.js – Node.js is a cross-platform back-end JavaScript runtime that is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.
  • Spark – Spark is the most powerful open-source unified analytics engine that builds around speed and streaming analytics.


  • MySQL – It is a completely managed database service that deploys the cloud-native application. It consists of a multithreaded SQL server that supports a variety of back end.
  • Oracle – Oracle is a cloud infrastructure platform that is built for the business that looks out for higher performance computing with easy migration for their on-premises hosting.

Cloud Platforms

  • Amazon EC2 – Amazon EC2 provides a high-level of scalable computing capacity in the Amazon web Services (AWS) cloud.
  • Amazon S3 – Amazon S3 is a service that is offered by Amazon Web services to provide object storage via a web service interface

Streaming Protocols

  • WebRTC – It is an open-source project that provides the browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication.
  • RTP – It is the Real-time Transport Protocol which is meant to deliver audio and video over IP networks.
  • RTMP – It is the Real-time Messaging Protocol that reliably transports the video data via the internet across the board.

3rd Party API &SDK

Once you are done with the basic level of technical part to build video chat app, now it’s the time to check out for the best API & SDK available for your application. To identify that it’s always better for the developer to check out whether there API & SDK supports the below criterias

  • Whitelabel Solution
  • Self-hosted Solution
  • On-cloud & On-premise infrastructure
  • End-to-end encrypted & secured solution
  • One time payment

Well, the above are the developer friendly features whose presence can get you the best video chat app. And to your surprise all these features are available with CONTUS MirrorFly’s APIs & SDKs. Let’s have a detailed study in the upcoming section.

Why CONTUS MirrorFly’s Video Calling API could be the Best Choice?

All-in-one video chat apps for android, ios & web platforms! What else do you need?

CONTUS MirrorFly has always been loved by the developers for many aspects, but mostly for its self hosting infrastructure, as it offers both on-cloud as well as on-premise services ensuring a high-end of security cum scalability. What else to say, its end-to-end customization will be an addition to your surprise, as it is so reliable and flexible that it can be integrated into any iOS, Android, and web app easily.

It has not stopped here alone, to make a stand in the long run it has introduced immense numbers of features when it comes to voice, video, and chat functionalities. That includes one-to-one chat, cross-platform messaging, video conferencing, speech to text, and much more. 

Although, they are just the glimpse, but to your jolt they do offer custom features too apart from their regular 150+ chat features, as per the business requirements.

Highlights of CONTUS MirrorFly APIs&SDKs

  • Multi device compatible
  • On-Premises/On-cloud Infrastructure
  • High-end Scalability
  • Live Streaming
  • HQ Voice/Video calling
  • HQ Video /Video Recording
  • One-to-one chat & Group Chat
  • One-time license cost

Live Video Calling App – An Industry’s Key Player

Develop a live video chat app for Android, iOS & Web platform
  1. E-learning System: It has revolutionized the stream of education with its incredible video chat app features. Embedding it into academics and examinations permits the students to learn globally without restrictions.
  2. Healthcare & Hospital: Its telehealth application has changed the way of approach of patients towards the healthcare system. Moving with the real time healthcare application it is now connecting doctors and patients across the world in no time. Eventually proving its smartness!
  3. Finance and Banking Services: It helps the employees to stay connected within the office as well as at the field works. Also allows to have a track of all the confidential files with high-end security measures.

Final Testing

The last move is the beginning of another start to build video chat app

Testing is the final stage that any application encounters. Here, the codes are checked and done with the debug process. At this stage, the application is at its core to reach the targeted audience and depending upon this reach, its market will be segmented.

All You Need To Know About The Cost of A Build Video Chat Platform

The cost of building a video chat app for all platforms depends upon certain criteria

  • The use case that demands the application
  • The platform required to develop an app (iOS, Android, and web app)
  • The overall size of the team that includes the UI/UX designers, developers, Project managers, Backend, etc.
  • The set of feature and functionalities that you require
  • The project tech stack


To conclude the entire article, now you would have got an idea as to how to make a video call app.

Ready To Get Started to Integrate our API into Your App!

Parthiba is a Product Marketer, helping providers of the various industries like healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive better communication experience.


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