6 May, 2021

A Complete Guide to Build a White Label Chat app

Looking for a white label chat solution?

Well, the marketplace is filled with many in abundance. But it’s you who have to make the choice!

Come let’s explore together across this blog!

This place is meant for you with a blooming insight about the concept of white-label chat solution and implementation that contribute towards the growth of any business

What is White Label Chat?

It is quite common for businesses to desire to have their own brand and thus, white label chat comes into the play.

A white label chat is all about creating your own messenger, having your brand color, brand logo, and custom features that can be published on Google Play or any App store

A white label chat does allow your solution to be hosted on our cloud or on your premises or cloud depending upon your business needs. Also offers the space to add a number of features.

Build a white label chat application for iOS & Android platforms

Overall theme of a white label chat is to help the businesses to build an unbreakable trust among their customers.

Why does Businesses Look out for White-label Chat Solutions?

Brand Creates Trust, Trust creates Forever Legacy ‘Customers’

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons as to why businesses look out for white label messaging application

  • Branding

Creating trust and reliability within the customer is something that is must for the growth of any business. This is possible only if your business is known by its own brand name i.e., the provider’s name does not show up anywhere on the product.

  • Saves More Time

Generally, building a piece of an application takes months even if it is done by the professionals. And if in case, you don’t have developers to work upon, then the duration will automatically increase as here you might need to train them and then start over with the development process.

Now, in this scenario white label chat solution could be the resolution as it has already been built and tested. Thus can be immediately integrated into the application and creates your brand in sometime simply saves time.

  • High Quality Product

Building an application with perfection in the first place is something that sounds weird. In the case of white label you just need to pay for quality work as this has already been built and tested.

It is available with a risk-free projection as can be used in a short period of time.

  • Satisfied Client

To have a satisfied client is almost like the key for a successful business. Having your own brand with white label can create a strong trust within your customer. As a result they will feel safe and secure while using your application.

  • Free of 3rd-party Constraints

Having a white label messaging platform to get connected with people can give your business wings to fly across.

This is so as your customers can use the application with no interference and endure ads and tracking scripts. Well, that’s not the case with regards to other social media platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp, where it’s done to promote their business.

However, with so many highlighted points explaining the need for business to have a white label chat solution creates curiosity to know more. Isn’t!

Well, let’s have a look at some of it’s possible features too to have a better clarity to proceed further.

Possible Features You Might be Interested In – Your White Label Messaging App

Features & its Functionalities, Speaks the Application

When it is about adding features to your Own branded white label chat solution, it is quite common to go for the features that your enterprise business thrives for. 

But, in general there are certain features that have to be present as default. Let’s have a look at it

build whitelable chat app for web and mobile platform
  • Quick Messaging

Quick Messaging is a feature that talks about conversation that happens among two users or groups of users at the same time in white label instant messaging application. It allows the conversation to reach the other end as early as possible or could say by “no time.”

  • Video calling

Video Calling feature allows you to have face-to-face communication by connecting people across the board virtually. Even here you can have group video call conversations.

White label video conferencing application allows the companies to tailor the branding, look, and feel of the quality in conversation. This is to provide a perception to the user as if the entire application has been built by the company itself.

  • File sharing

You will be able to share all kinds of media files, documentations, images, contacts, links, regardless of file size. Even, they can be compressed well if needed maintaining the high end quality.

  • HQ Voice call

HQ Voice call feature is meant for the user to experience a high quality voice calling across the globe. Here, the user can communicate via one-to-one or in terms of group conference voice calling at the same time as per the need.

  • Analytics & Dashboard

Analytics & dashboard feature allows the users to manage the chat app’s performance and get to know the user base, data usage, and active users listing in real-time within a dashboard.

As of now where we are clear with the features that exist with white label chat. It would be quite interesting to dive deep with the knowledge of how to implement this white label chat in businesses.

Key Steps : Implementation of White Label Chat Solution

Now, where the above sections have given us clarity with the need of white label chat solution including its features. It’s our turn to start up with the learning of implementation of the same.The key steps to be checked out for while implementing a white label chat solution

  • Market Research
  • The first and foremost step ever needed before implementing white label messenger app is to perform a market research. We all know that the market is filled with many app providers but we must be able to pick the best one depending up the below criterias,
      i) Goodwill of the Company
      ii) Quality of the Software
      iii) Scalability and Security
      iv) Support System
      v) On-time Delivery
      vi) Cost Effective
  • Integration
  • As the white label chat solution providers already have their product built and tested.We must be clear that the white label gets implemented into our existing application easily with no time.
  • Validation
  • Well, this is the most important step before we allow our customers to experience our pleasant service. Thus, it is always better to have the white label chat solution being checked over ensuring the security and scalability measures.

The above are the key steps that must be followed when you want to implement your white label chat solution.


Reaching to the core of this article gives more insight over the concept and the need of building your own brand when it comes to white-label instant messaging solution.

And if this has inspired you to move ahead having your brand, your identity. Then just feel free to contact CONTUS MirrorFly, another name of perseverance and dedication.


Parthiba is a Product Marketer, helping providers of the various industries like healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive better communication experience.

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