19 January, 2022
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Build a React Native Chat App: A Step-by-Step Guide

Looking for some better ideas to grow your business – most likely want to create your business app for iOS and Android platforms .

Then I suggest you go for the most innovative mobile app framework – “React Native.”

Yes! The most preferred developer friendly framework with numerous functionalities.

In this post, I have explained everything you must know concerning react native chat app, starting from the basics as to what you need, resources, budget, and much more.

So let’s get started to explore from nothing to everything about a chat app with react native.

3 Points To Be Considered Before Creating A React Native Chat App

To start with, let’s have a look at some of the important facts that you must be aware of before making a step with your app development. As most of the time, this can eliminate many issues in the first place itself.

1. Never Start Your Project With Coding Right Away

It is always advisable never to start developing any chat app with the coding section, since there are chances that the market might turn around by the time you finish-off with your coding, which might lead to failure before exploring the market. This in turn, will cause a great loss with money and time.

2. Better To Go With MVP Creation

Another main thing to be made a note of is to break the development cycle into stages, that begins with MVP – Minimum Viable Product. This process of Business Model Canvas can make your MVP to get ready in three months or less.

3. Early and Quicker Customer Feedback

Before creating the best secure messaging app, you must have an idea with a rough visualization as what the outcome could look like? Therefore, it is integral to gather valuable data to validate your outcome before diving headlong into your chat app development project. 

The completion of the project depends upon the action that you have taken on providing feedback. So, as early you get the feedback the most easily approachable is the market for you.

What is React Native? 

React Native, a JavaScript-based mobile development framework which is meant for developing a native-like mobile application for mobile devices. This is so easy as it facilitates developers by allowing them to use the same code to develop apps for different platforms.

It has been proved to be the most successful framework for apps including Skype, Facebook, and Instagram.

Top 8 Benefits to Build your Chat App with React Native

build react native chat app

Let’s have a look at the some of the key benefits of chat app using React Native framework,

1. Compatible With Cross-Platform (iOS and Android), which means that the app coded for Android can also be used for iOS, which leads to cost saving.

2. Strong Community, as there will be access to user support and several user created tools, you can have the help whenever needed.

3. Saves A Lot Of Money And Time, by creating a single app and updating the same for both Android and iOS platforms.

4. Hot Reload Feature allows the developer to have a view of live changing code, where real time feedback makes the app development process more quick and effective.

5. High Performance around any mobile platform is very much possible with ease.

6. OTA (Over The Air) Update is one of the innovations which permits the developers to have their users create as well as administer the updates.

7. Highly Flexible as any number of developers can work on an app project simultaneously and effortlessly and add any number of features.

8. Being an Open Source Framework, developers can easily migrate a react native chat app from one platform to another.

Now, let’s explore more with regards to the step-by-step process as how to build a chat app with react native.

Top 8 Benefits of Using React Native in a Chat App

chat app using react native

However, it is really exciting to create your own react native app, but it’s good to have a plan before moving ahead. Therefore, let’s have glance over the step that you might need to focus on,

Step 1: Drop Your Ideas In A Paper

Today where the chat app industry is highly competitive with billions of mobile app development providers, it is highly important to grab attention. Thus, making your app stand out there must be something unique in it and so, it’s better to pen your ideas on a paper and stay focused with the build strategy.

Step 2: Follow The Business Model Canvas

Since a business model canvas talks about the strategy that describes, visualizes, assesses, and changes business models. It is considered to be the better approach to create quality with reliability as a startup to develop a chat app with react native. It mostly offers a template that takes care of critical business issues like customer segmentation, value propositions, revenue projections, etc.

Step 3: Get Guidance From Startup Entrepreneurs Hand-Book

Gaining knowledge from other’s mistakes is always safe for any business. Therefore, going through the experiences of startup owner’s by referring to their handbook will be a great start towards success. 

These books will have reliable references along with instructions to handle different aspects of any business. Moreover, it will have over 500 pages of business related queries that any upcoming entrepreneur may think of.

Step 4: Plan Your Budget

It is always beneficial to have a budget planning before starting off with any development project as the estimating budget can avoid the upcoming risks. The budget planning involves hiring skilled developers, resources, tech stacks, and much more. Moreover, setting up a cost for a variety of aspects concerning a project can have a control over the expenses.

Step 5: Good To Perform Wireframe, Mockup, and Prototype

When it is about app development, Wireframe, Mockup, and Protocol, all are from different aspects. 

  • Wireframe – It is like creating a rough sketch of the app interface.
  • Mockup – It’s to add color and animation effects to the app’s features.
  • Prototype – The user gets access to perform certain functions in the app.

Utilizing these three can save you money and time, availing you to have the below benefits,

  • More of an inspiring and fascinating procedure.
  • Permits the developer to modify the design easily on paper instead of modifying the coding part.
  • More affordable to hire a designer instead of a developer.
  • You can handle all these, wireframe, mockup, and prototype by yourself.

Step 6: Obtain User Feedback

When you are done with the strategical protocols, it’s time to start with end-users feedback. You can get them with the below mentioned ways,

  • Share with colleagues, friends, and family members.
  • Participate in the core competitions.
  • Publish advertises regularly on any social media platform.
  • Share with other startup owners.

Step 7: Prepare A Landing Page For Your Application

Creating an appropriate landing page is a crucial task in terms of app promotion. It has the power to grab audience attention, even it can escalate them about the things that your real time chat app with react native offers including downloads, etc. 

Moreover, a landing page provides a complete identity to the brand and also increases your customers trust.

Step 8: Developing Your App’s Backend

One of the major and the final steps behind the screen – to start creating codes for your app. As we all know that any application consists of a frontend – the user interface, and a backend – invisible part which is of coding used to operate the frontend functionalities.

However, all the steps are important in app development, but deciding on an appropriate tech stack to build the backend decides the quality of your chat application. 

Since this blog is meant for a chat app using react native, let’s have some more clarity on how to use this React Native framework to create a React Native App for Android and iOS.

Feel excited to Build React Native Chat App for Your Business!

Let’s Check Out How To Create A React Native App For Android And iOS

build android, ios app with react native

However, the above section has given a clear view about the entire procedure concerning development, but I think it will be much needed to have more clarity with regards to the react native development when it comes to a variety of devices. Let’s see further.

Developing a React Native App for Android,

  • First get the Android SDKs and configure them.
  • Later install Android Studio and configure them.
  • Also install the needed APIs.
  • Now, make the selection with platforms you want React Native to Support.
  • Choose the needed SDK build tools and Android SDK tools.
  • Also decide about Google Play Services.
  • Finally, test your app on a real or virtual device.

Building a React Native App for iOS is quite expensive, let’s start still,

Developing a React Native App for iOS,

  • Start with getting a MacOS or iPhone.
  • Install XCode app.
  • Build an Apple developer’s account.
  • Now, plug your device into your computer’s USB.
  • Move on with selecting your project within the XCode app.
  • Build your mobile app and execute it.
  • Later connect your system with the Apple development server and launch developer’s menu.
  • Finalize the step with activating Live Reload.

Now, when you have got some clarity with the importance on the implementation of React Native in your chat app, Let’s see about the market launch scenario:

Things To Be Noted While Launching Your React Video Chat App 

Last but not least, the final stage where your android app with react native makes a market approach. It all happens before publishing your react video chat app, where it is necessary to consider some of the legal issues like the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Moreover, you have an option of purchasing a template that you can edit as per your business demands or get a lawyer to prepare one for you. 

Once you are completed with the legal issues before reaching the market, you can go ahead with publishing your app in the app stores. This is one of the most important steps as this platform can reach your audience more faster than you can ever imagine.

Since, the above section would have given you much clarity about how to make a video chat app in react native. Now, let me guide you through one of the most popular real time API and SDK providers – “CONTUS MirrorFly,“ who can help you to develop your app effortlessly.

Why to Go for CONTUS MirrorFly to Build Your React Native Chat App?

Today where the market is filled with so many real time communication providers, it is very essential for any business to withstand the storm. Among so many competitors, CONTUS MirrorFly has always been proven to be one of the best API and SDK providers in the global industry. It’s in the market for more than 10 years and has gained the attention and satisfaction of over 40+ use cases globally. Let’s have a look at some of it’s highlights,

  1. Real Time Communication Hub – Being a real time communication solution, CONTUS MirrorFly has spread its wings across the globe with all – messaging, voice and video, and is available with over 150+ chat features and functionalities that can accomplish any business to obtain success.
  2. 100% Customization – Providing any real time solution with end-to-end customization is something very specific. This feature allows you to have your react native chat app fully customized with your desired custom features as per your business needs that can be integrated into any third party easily.
  3. White Label Solution – Do you ever desire to have your own brand? If so, then CONTUS MirrorFly’s white label solution also supports you to build your white label video chat app. Yes! Even if you can build your react native app on iphone/Android as well, with your company’s name, logo, color, and custom features that can be integrated into any mobile and web app easily. All this with the hosting option of our on cloud/premises or your cloud as per your business requirements.
  4. High-End Security – You can obtain an end-to-end security over your conversation with anyone, across multiple platforms globally with end-to-end encryption, SSL security, AES 256 encryption, Auto message deletion, and multi-layer protection, etc.
  5. Highly Scalable – With CONTUS MirrorFly you can connect with over 1 billion + users across the globe anytime and anywhere ensuring high security.
  6. 300+ Dedicated Proficient Developers – Working with the most skillful developers, you can be assured that your project will be delivered with complete perfection and professionalism. Moreover, the team also provides 24/7 service till the deployment of the project.
  7. Self-Hosting – CONTUS MirrorFly provides a self-hosting infrastructure, that allows you to have your data stored in your cloud or else in our cloud/premises hosting service as per your business requirement.
  8. One Time License Cost – Since, CONTUS MirrorFly is a SaaP based model, it provides its service at one time license cost where you will be allowed to have a lifetime control over your chat application. And you can add additional features whenever you want as per your business needs.

However, these are some of the highlights of CONTUS MirrorFly, that proves it’s worth to be the one. 


Anyhow, since the post has given you a lot of information about building your react native chat app. It will be somewhat easy now for you to make a decision. 

Therefore, if you desire to have your own real time chat app using react native, then CONTUS MirrorFly is there to get you complete support and guidance. So, what are you waiting for? Make a move and contact us to proceed further. 

Ready to Assist you to Build your React Native Chat App

Good Luck!

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