2 December, 2021

10 Most Secure Messaging App of 2021 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Being living in an age of internet surveillance and data logging, we are surrounded with the environment that often desires to have access to others private communication for their selfish reasons. This tends to cause hackers to break the security measures of any the best secure messaging app.

Yes! Messaging app, the perfect and easy mode to communicate and connect with people across the world, today need to be more powerful in terms of protecting one’s privacy.

To tackle the situation, many developers and in-app messaging app providers are working toward building the most secure messaging app. However, the market is filled with dozens of messaging apps to choose from, but still there are some top ones that claim their in-app messaging for growth of any business ensuring high-end security. Thus, I am going to figure all these out here in this post to have more clarity.

Let’s begin the journey.

Key Features to be Noted While Choosing a Secure Messaging App Service

Every application needs to be with a set of features in the current listing, but to stand out in the market, it is very important to be with exclusive key features mostly with security.
To be the most secure messaging app, the key features plays an ultimate role

Key Features Major role
End-to-end encryption Encrypts and decrypts data
Multi-mode communication Enables voice/video communication with deletion option during the conversation
Highly Supportive over multiple platform/devices (iOS, Android and Web app)Can store or delete the data anytime as per users convenience

What Exactly is a Secure Messaging?

Secure messaging, the term simply indicates “security over messages.” But, do you know that when it comes to a messaging app, it involves a lot of elements to get qualified as a secure messaging app.

Yes! Moreover a secure chat app has to meet three key factors to become the best secure chat app. Because of these exclusive features these secure messaging applications have revolutionized the business growth for many big brands. Let’s have a look and obtain some more clarity with this.

secure chat app workflow
  • End-to-end encryption:-have a secure messaging via end-to-end encryption in communication, ensures the encryption of data that has been transferred during the communication. This is from the moment a message has been typed to the time it reaches the receiver, here no one else can be able to view the data, either the app maker or internet service providers or government organizations ensuring security.
  • Multi-mode communication:-Getting bored by communicating with text messages, then this is for you – where you can communicate with others via video call api and audio call api. Whenever a platform allows the users to send across messages through multiple modes, it automatically permits the user to delete the messages if they wish to, enhancing the security.
  • Supportive to Multi-platform:-You can be able to synchronize the messages across any platform like mobile or web app. However, it allows the user to store their private messages in any of their desired locations and also permits them to delete from other locations, if they are not feeling comfortable. Thus, this adds up a great impact to one’s data privacy ensuring security.
Think to Build your own Secure Messaging App?

Since, from the above we have got some clarity over the secure messaging API in terms of privacy with an app. 

Let’s do further research over the most secure messaging app services in 2021.

Best 10 Secure Private Messaging Apps in 2022

Well, there are many possibilities available with options to choose from when it is about selecting the best secure chat program emphasizing privacy over data. 

Therefore, this below list has been created about the top secure messaging app to provide you with a clear idea in terms of their end-to-end encryption, multiple platform support, and multi-mode communication, with certain additional features.

Now, let’s get into the research on market’s the most best secure private messaging apps

1. Signal Private Messenger for Web

secure messaging app for android and ios platform

Being listed among the most best secure messaging app of 2021, there are millions of trusted people who use Signal for it’s free, instant, and encrypted communication that is quite easy to use. Secure messaging is with privacy-preserving technology, thus it ensures avoiding the risk of leakage of sharing moments or sending messages to any non-intended recipients. It makes use of advanced end-to-end encryption to secure all the data.

Since it’s an open source it freely inspect the app’s code for it’s security. But there are some other features including group chats, encrypted voice calls, archive functionality, and media transfer, which does not require any PIN codes or other credentials.


  1. Self-destructing messages
  2. Open source protocol
  3. Uses phone’s data network connection for SMS and MSS fees
  4. Encrypted stickers
  5. Group chat
  6. Media services

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, iPasOS, Linux, Windows, macOS

Number of Users:  Signal mostly does not publish their users listing, but as per Android’s Google play store Signal has been downloaded by about 1 to 5 million people.

2. iMessage – Secure Chat App for Mobile

best secure messaging app for mobile

iMessage is one of the most private chat messaging apps when it comes to iPhone users mostly because of its end-to-end encryption trait. Moreover, it allows the users to have complete control over the concept of how long a message should stay and how many times the recipients would be able to view it. This sounds so weird, but this is one of the main reasons behind the security of user’s data.

But, still, as every private chat messaging app has some negatives to deal with – even the iPhone users have a complaint when it comes to cloud backup options. Here, the data stored in the cloud are encrypted by Apple, the key controller, so if ever the iCloud has been hacked, it is possible that the messages could be revealed easily.


  • Block and unblock the contact numbers
  • Leave group chat and provide a mute notification
  • iCloud for backup iMessages
  • Access to tailor the iMessage settings
  • Access internet instead of phone network while communicating with other iOS or maOS users
  • Have a complete control over “Read Receipts”
  • Enables customization of message profile/personality with GIFs, Memojis and animations

Compatible Platforms: iOS and macOS

Cost: Free

Number of users: 1.3 billion

3. Telegram – Best Messaging App

secure messaging api for mobile app

Telegram is well known as a best security provider who never provides access to your data to any third-party. It’s unique network of data centers is highly considered for connecting people across the world. Here, the system works as when the user gets accessed to the “secrets chats”  functionality, the messages automatically get self-destructed across all the connected devices.

Moreover, it allows you to set an option to self-destruct your account too if needed, after a specified time duration. Telegram allows you to sync your messages across a variety of devices at the same time. This application is accomplished with all the desired as well as essential features that any user acquires.


  • Self-destruct option for private messages
  • Open API and protocols
  • No specified file size for media and chats
  • Available with distributed servers globally for security and speed
  • Able to collaborate with a group of over 2,00,000 members
  • Messages can be destructed at a set time duration as per users choice
  • Enable to send any type of document

Compatible platform: iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, PC

Cost: Free with no ads

Number of users: Over 200 million

4. Wire – Secure Messaging App for Android ,iOS

Wire chat application for iOS and Android

Wire is another messaging app that has set its main target as end-to-end encryption, and have made it a default to protect their user’s data like messages, images, documents, etc. Since, wire is always on and works transparently in the background, it never needs to be activated. Additionally, here a new encryption key is used for every message that reduces the effect of a single compromised key. 

Wire is an open source platform so its source code is available for users to evaluate, inspect and improve via GitHub. Wire is very much concerned about the data and thus, it does not sell analytics or usage data of their users to any third party.


  • Conferencing
  • Complete open source
  • Easy file sharing
  • Group chat
  • Timed conversations

Compatible platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and web browsers

Cost: Free version available for personal use and paid option is available for organizations and large corporates with no ads

Number of users: Hundred of thousands, daily active users

5. Threema – Top Encrypted Messaging App

Threema Messaging App for mobile and web platforms

Threema with over a million downloads works on a guided principle of restraint on metadata. It has been considered as the most trusted open-source secure messaging apps for mobile and web apps. 

Threema’s server deletes a message permanently once delivered to the recipient. However, the information that is mostly managed on a server is automatically managed locally too on the user’s device. This implies protection against eavesdropping over any type of conversation. 

With Threema’s design, it allows only the intended recipients to read the messages. Since Threema is an open source, it permits the users to check for the correctness of the encryption, and for this you don’t have to provide any email or phone number to do a sign up process for security purposes.


  • Evaluates contacts via QR codes
  • Hide confidential chat with password protection
  • Allows to chat anonymously
  • Can create distribution lists
  • Create polls

Compatible platforms: iOS, Android, and web app

Cost : $2.99

Number of users: 4.5 million

6. WhatsApp – Most Secure Messaging Platform

whatsapp-secure messaging app

WhatsApp is one of the most trending and popular best secure chat app for text and voice. It’s the platform that is free to use wherein you can send messages, make voice calls and also host video calls on both mobile as well as desktop.

WhatsApp is the first chat platform that permits end-to-end encryption access to their users for more secure communication. In terms of storage of data, WhatsApp does not store data on its server, so the data is highly protected avoiding hacker’s fear. Moreover, WhatsApp does not have the key to see any encrypted messages.

WhatsApp allows their users to remove their conversations from their cloud backups. However, being dependent on a big tech company is considered to be one of the major drawbacks that WhatsApp has, that must be looked upon when it comes to security measures.


  • Share messages, images, videos with upto 256 users at once
  • Can make free video calls via internet connection
  • Easy access to built-in camera

Compatible platforms: iOS, Android, and web app

Cost: Free

Number of users: 1.5 billion

7. Wickr Me – Secure Private Messaging App

wickr - most secure messaging app

Wickr is one of the most popular secure messaging apps that has been recognized in terms of privacy. This messaging app allows the users to have instant interaction with one another via one-to-one or in group text conversation ensuring encryption of text messages, voice messages and memos. 

Wickr does not ask for any personal details as phone number or email address during registration process, all having security in account. It is considered to be a collaboration tool instead of a private chat messaging app mainly because of its capability to share screens, online statuses, locations, etc. 

Moreover, here the encryption of the data is performed by default and the transparency reports have been available to everybody who uses Wickr. This is the best secure messaging app that utilizes Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) with the support of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).


  • Self destructing text messages
  • Perform search across all files and messages
  • Shares images, video/voice files safely
  • Securely share the screen and location
  • Retention up to 30 days
  • Permits the APIs to integrate with in-house apps

Compatible platforms: Mobile and Web Applications


  • Basic plan – Free
  • Silver – $4.99
  • Gold – $9.99
  • Platinum – $25

Number of users: Nil

8. Viber – Secure Messaging Software

viber - best secure messaging apps

Viber is more than messaging, it has a variety of calling and messaging features, and you have endless options when it comes to expressing your words via stickers, emojis, and GIF, etc. It is a free and secure calling and messaging app that allows you to interact with anyone, anywhere with no downtime. 

Viber allows the users to share photos, video in their group regardless of the size. As far as security is concerned, Viber provides a secure space with fully encrypted voice and video chats on mobile as well as desktop as long as you follow the perfect sharing process. 

One of the unique features of Viber is that it enables every single chat with a separate color based on its current level of encryption. For instance

  • Green color specifies that the chat has been encrypted and the contact you are trying to get in touch with is the trusted one
  • Grey color specifies that the chat is encrypted but the contact you are looking out for is not under trusted criterias.
  • Red color indicates potential problem or issue with authentication of the contact.


  • Access to delete seen messages
  • One-to-one or group Voice/video interaction
  • One-to-one or group chat with unlimited users
  • High-quality video calling
  • Access to stickers, GIF, and emojis

Compatible platforms: Mobile and Web Applications

Cost: Free

Number of users: More than 1+ billion

9. Silence – Best Secure Messaging Platform

best secure messaging app

Silence is the best secure chat program that eases and ensures secure SMS/MMS features. This is so you can use these two features even when you are not connected via the internet. Silence is monitored on a regular basis mainly with regards to security wherein the codes are locked and have been made unavailable to any other third party or government agency.

Moreover, here with Silence you need not have to sign up with login credentials concerning security. Since it’s an open source, anybody can have a check over the codes for errors and other related issues.


  • Open Source
  • Messages can be encrypted locally
  • No need of internet connection
  • Avoid access to screen-shot of conversation

Compatible Platforms : Web and Mobile App

Cost : Free

Number of Users : NIL

10. Line – Best Private Chat App

Most Encrypted Messaging App

Line is a secure messaging app that has projected itself to be in a new level of communication, mostly for being different in infrastructure. Line is a free, and the best secure messaging app that is available for a variety of smartphone devices and desktops.

Line was established by a team of Japanese engineers mostly as a way to communicate after the Tohoku earthquake in 2011. As soon as this messaging app was built, Line added  end-to-end encryption and boosted-up the regular privacy and named that feature as “Letter Sealing.” This feature is accessible by everybody but you have to manually turn-on the mode to be benefited.


  • Access to more than 10000 stickers that includes characters and celebrities
  • Letter Sealing
  • Can share images, voice/video data on Timeline
  • High-end HD video calling
  • OpenChat online space to interact with other like minded people
  • Allows you to add new friends with an option “Shake It!”

Compatible Platforms : iOS, Android and Web Application

Cost : Free

Number of users : More than 700 million

Well as every app has its own merits and demerits, it is quite complicated to answer the query as to which one is the best, but still with the above details we can have a vision over the most compatible and best secure chat app in the current market. 

Let’s have a check on that

Let’s Analyse – What’s the Most Secure App?

After a detailed analysis and comparison over some of the top secure messaging apps, I believe Signal, an open source platform could be the most secure one. This is so as they are funded and maintained via donations and gain corporate money that is dependent on user-data. 

Moreover, since being formed by Open Whisper Systems group, it has been supported and maintained by top experts for privacy and security measures. Where Signals data has been reviewed by the well-known experts of security and cryptographers. 

However, the other private chat messaging apps such as Wire, iMessaging, Threem, etc., also integrate the messaging protocols to ensure security but, with signal it’s security is considered to be on an extreme as it is with an open source platform.

With that being said, if still you find none of them to be a good fit for your requirement, then let’s explore some more

What About Building Your App with In-house? Is that a Great Choice!

Anyhow, I have given the best fit for your choice but, if still you feel they are not enough, then I suggest you to go and build your own secure messaging app with an in-house team of proficient developers. 

You can check out CONTUS MirrorFly’s real time messaging APIs and SDKs to proceed with and build your own secure messaging app. CONTUS MirrorFly has served many enterprises across the world to build chat app with the most enriched features of voice, video and messaging that includes, high scalability and security, 100% customization with more than 150+ chat features, all at one time license cost.

 So, if you ever got an idea to build your own secure messaging app you can feel free and be relaxed and build your chat app ensuring a better customer experience with an effortless chat solution, as you have arrived at the right place .

Ready to Build Your Own Secure Messaging App? We are Here to Support

Wrapping Up

Every other day in our digitally-connected world, we can hear some or the other thing about the security breaches, after all other features – as the security speaks out loud. 

So, if you are not clear and scared to trust the other available messaging app in the market, then I suggest you to go on and build your own secure messaging app as there you can be more sure about high-end security. 

Thus, now it’s your time to choose the best private chat messaging app software to build chat app with the best messaging APIs enabling high-end security for your business and family, to keep your data protected by all means. So, what are you waiting for – Get Start On!

Vimala is an avid content specialist and marketer with a great flare for chat and video calling technologies. She pens down all things tech savvy while exploring the next-gen communication mediums.


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